Garment Manufacturing and Textiles: artisanal techniques and circular investigations

The translation of a flat sketch to a garment is determined not only by design innovation but also technical nuances inherent to the process. At Bodice, we take immense pride in India’s rich heritage and diversity of textiles and strive to create new possibilities from traditional techniques. Our textiles are sourced from across India, including wool from Kullu in the Himalayas and cotton from weavers in South India.

Bodice’s holistic approach extends to the buttons we use in our garments, which come from renewable sources such as coconut shell, seashell, and wood. Rather than using polyester and energy-intensive heat processes, we hand-stitch and bind every pleat in fabric, making them structured and easy to maintain. We also use naturally fermented indigo and other plant-based dyes made from fast regenerating wild or cultivated sources.

The Packaging: Cutting edge technology for a more sustainable future

Our garments are shipped in biodegradable Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) bags, an enzyme-mediated, sustainable alternative to conventional plastic packaging. Biodegradable additives are infused into LDPE plastic during the process of making plastic films out of which bags are made, making them decomposable within a span of 2 years. These bags are suitable for landfill biodegradation and can be home composted if the proper bio-degrading environment is available. The packaging passes both the aerobic (ASTM D 5338) and anaerobic (ISO 15985) biodegradation tests.

For shipping, we use reusable boxes made from high-quality cardboard which is devoid of chemicals which degrades without harming the soil or its environment. The buyers who shop from our flagship store are handed the clothes in a cotton tote bag made from leftover fabrics.

The Human Connect: artisans and embracing technological innovations

Our team of designers and tailors work in the same studio in an environment that allows dynamic exchange of ideas to breathe life into the designs on paper. Beyond our studio in New Delhi, Bodice is engaged with artisans from around the country who have inherited the knowledge of some of ancient craft techniques of India, many of which are practiced exclusively by generational artisans who continue to practice the craft. Our guiding philosophy is to support artisanal livelihoods whilst embracing cutting-edge technology and exploring circular design solutions.