Bodice is built on a foundation that idolizes a journey back to the fundamental. A cerebral design philosophy replaces social yardsticks as our practice manifests the impulse to refine and elevate while also allowing imperfections be. Our signature aesthetic is born out of careful deliberation and a childlike curiosity to explore the indigenous fabrics and time-honoured weaving traditions of India with a contemporary approach.

Bodice’s true north points towards detail-centric architectural lines and geometry. There is a minimal, pared-back approach to India’s rich heritage of craft which is expressed through clean silhouettes, graceful fluidity, and geometric proportions.

With a disagreement to swim with the tide of seasons and trends came the ability to look through a lens that is eternal, lending a transeasonal energy to our creations; the garments allow easy flow from day to night. The resolute practicality, simplicity, and heightened construction in the designs make the wearer its confidante.

The values incorporated into the rubric of the brand find root in the creative vision of founder Ruchika Sachdeva. From being born in West Delhi to studying Bachelor of Arts in London, from stitching her mother’s dupattas as a child to being an usher of change in Indian contemporary clothing, Sachdeva’s global vision is deeply rooted in her traditions. After graduating from London College of Fashion and interning with the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Giles Deacon, Bodice was officially born in May 2011.

From being listed on Business of Fashion (BOF 500) to winning the prestigious International Woolmark Prize in 2018, winning the Vogue India Designer of the Year and Grazia India Millennial Designer of the Year, GQ India Award for ‘Breakthrough Designer’ to being listed in ‘Forbes 30 under 30’ are few of the milestones that have punctuated her journey since the inception of Bodice. However, it is her untiring social entrepreneurial ventures and the simultaneous quest to merge the same into her design language which has been the guiding foresight for Bodice.